Implant Retained Dentures

If you are missing all your teeth, an implant-supported denture can replace the missing teeth and some of the tooth roots. Because the dental implants integrate (or fuse) with the jawbone, an implant-supported denture tends to be comfortable and stable, allowing you to bite and chew naturally.

Complete Dental Implant Treatment in Worcester County

Missing teeth can greatly impact more than aesthetics, which is why it is vital to seek proper dental treatment. When gaps are present in a smile, oral health, self-confidence, and essential function are all significantly affected. Dental implants are unlike other available tooth replacement solutions as they restore the entire structure of a tooth, from root to crown. At our dental practice, Dr. Rao and her team provide both precise dental implant placement and top-quality restorations for new and existing patients looking to replace missing teeth.

Why Choose Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement?

When teeth are absent in a smile, the lack of tooth root prohibits proper stimulation of the jawbone. This is vital for healthy tooth development and helps preserve natural aesthetics. Prolonged missing teeth will inevitably result in rapid gum-tissue recession, better known as bone resorption. This leads to a prematurely-aged appearance as facial features begin to sag, and neighboring teeth begin to shift towards the absent tooth site.

Because dental implants can replace both the entire tooth from root to crown, they are the most reliable solution for resolving the aesthetic and oral health complications associated with missing teeth. They naturally fuse with tissue and bone because dental implants consist of biocompatible titanium, a material that encourages osseointegration.

What You Can Expect from Your Implant Placement Procedure

With over 28 years of treating patient smiles, Dr. Monica Rao has developed a skilled and trusted network of specialists to ensure accurate and successful treatment. Working alongside our team is our in-house periodontist, Dr. Gyusik Cho. He, along with our dentists, will walk you through every aspect of your treatment, inducing your implant placement procedure.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Cho utilizes state-of-the-art dental technology to analyze your oral anatomy thoroughly. This involves checking for adequate jawbone and gum tissue health to ensure you are an ideal candidate for placement.

For patients who are in good oral health but lack jawbone density, Dr. Cho can perform preliminary procedures such as bone and soft-tissue grafting to build up the essential volume your jawbone needs for the implant posts to fuse properly.

Top-Quality Restorations for Finalizing Your Treatment

Titanium posts typically need several months for the treatment site to heal. Once fully integrated, our team finalizes your dental implant treatment with a customized restoration. We craft our restorative prosthetics in-office with the use of our CEREC technology.